Pre-Party: 7PM – 9PM


Leeroy New (b. 1986, General Santos City, Philippines) is an interdisciplinary artist-designer living and working in Manila, Philipines, who trained as a sculptor and has worked significantly in production design for film, TV, theatre and performance. This inclination to move from one mode of creative production to another is the backbone of his practice, which is further driven by concepts of retro-futurism and hybrid myth-making as world-building. The results are immersive installations that use a variety of found objects and ephemera directly sourced from the immediate material culture of his environment.

Through his collaborations with performers, New is able to transform these quotidian materials into interactive objects and even wearable sculptures, culminating in the multi-platform, collaborative project "Aliens of Manila," which documents ‘alien’ characters inhabiting Manila’s often harsh, yet colourful, streets. Recently, these aliens have started appearing in different parts of the world as UFO ‘OFWs’ (Overseas Filipino Workers).

Leeroy New will be presenting a new commissioned, site-specific work and experience for our Pre-Party guests. The experience will include an installation enhanced by a performance that plays upon Power Ball: Aural Sects' themes of riotous sound, reverent silence and DIY culture.

Aliens of New York

Leeroy New, Aliens of New York, 2019.

Aliens of Manila x New York

Leeroy New, Aliens of Manila x New York, Photo by Matt Anderson.

Aliens of Manila x Taipei

Leeroy New, Aliens of Manila x Taipei.

Polyp Stage Apec

Leeroy New, Polyp Stage Apec, Boracay (day), 2015.

Pinto Art International

Leeroy New, Pinto Art International, New York, 2019.